What is Roll Call?

Roll Call is a web-based attendance tracking system designed to aid professors in logging student attendance in high volume lectures.

In a hall of 100+ students, recording lecture attendance by traditional means (i.e. name calling) is simply impractical; the act of gathering it would require more effort and precious lecture time than most would be willing to give to the cause. Roll Call solves this problem by enabling students to log their attendance simultaneously, effectively reducing the time and effort involved to a constant. (Records indicate that in a hall of 185 students it takes approximately three minutes to record attendance.)

How does it work?

Roll Call plays on the fair assumption that most if not all students enrolled in an academic program are equipped with some form of internet-enabled device. When instructed to do so, students navigate to their instructor’s unique web address where they are prompted to submit their student number. The software searches that lecture’s student manifest for a student with the given number and, if found, records them as present. Students without a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, may approach their instructor at a convenient time (typically before or after lecture) to have their attendance recorded manually.